ATPL Theory Module 2 results

After spending the revision week in Bristol Ground School followed by the exams. Today is the day I received the results. Subjects in module 2 are Air Law, Radio Navigation, Airframe/Systems/Power Plant/Electrics and Flight Planning and Monitoring.

Air Law – 79%
Not a lot of student like this subject but I felt very comfortable about it. However, I did some stupid mistakes during the exam which explain this poor grade (the pass mark is 75%).
Besides, this subject has a lot of rules and figures to remember. The most dreadful part for me was the rules/figures regarding separation.

Radio Navigation – 95%
This subject was a fun one. Really interesting to know how things work. How pilots were able to navigate using just an aerial. Now things are much more complicated, with the use of satellites. But the goal remains the same. Be able to navigate as accurately as possible.
I was amazed that nowadays we are still using the same principle as we did 60 years ago.

Airframe/Systems/Power Plant/Electrics – 90%
A big one. Airframe and Systems alone contain a lot of things to remember. Adding Power Plant and Electrics on top of that was even more challenging. But the fact that it is a very interesting subject which I think all pilots like, make it easy to study. If you combine this subject with Instrumentation you, basically have a very good understanding of the different parts of a plane and how things work together.

Flight Planning and Monitoring – 93%
This one is more about how to plan your trip when you are on the ground until you are actually in the air and monitoring that what you’ve done on the ground checks out. A big chunk about fuel calculation and the different way of calculation the fuel you need depending on the situation and the destination.

I’m now done with 8 exams, 6 to go.

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