ATPL Theory Module 1 results

After spending the revision week in Bristol Groundf School followed by the exams. Today is the day I received the results. Subjects in module 1 are: Meteorology, General Navigation, Instrumentation and Human Performance & Limitations.

Human Performance & Limitations – 81%
This subject was supposed to be the easiest and used to be the easiest for most students. Well, with the introduction of Quadrant, the new system the CAA is currently using for the ATPL exams, a lot of new questions were also introduced with it regarding TEM (Threats and Error Management), Pilot personality, behaviour, attitude and role. Needless to say that it was quite challenging for me as even though it was in the course material, those questions don’t come up very often in mock exams, where I used to score 95%+ every single time.

Meteorology – 88%
This was the exam I was the most worried about as Meteorology is known as one of the hardest exams.
Overall, a fair exam, with easy and not so easy questions.

Instrumentation – 90%
Another hard exam. This subject deal with all the possible instruments you can find in a cockpit on old and modern aircrafts. There are a lot of concepts to get your head around (i.e. gyroscope, INS/IRS, autoflight).

General Navigation – 93%
Yet another hard one. The difficulty with this subject in not about answering the question correctly but answering all the questions within 2 hours. Some questions requiered to do some calculations and/or drawings which can take several minutes. So with this exam, time management was issential. I’ve managed to get it done in 1h35 minutes, which gave me extra time to double check my answers.

I’m now done with 4 exams, 10 to go.



    1. Thanks Keelan. I agree GNav was a tough one. I’ve spent of a fair amount of time trying to get the subtlenesses of this subject.

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