ATPL: Bristol Ground School

I have signed up for Bristol Ground Schools ATPL course so now I am preparing for the ATPL study. The course materials has been dispatched to me, so hopefully in few days I will get all the books I need to get started. In the mean time I’m using their program called Bristol Ground School ATPdigital.

The very first module you need to complete is a maths and physics revision course. I went through this course over the period of 4 days and I didn’t find it very difficult. It’s pretty much what I’ve learnt at school. But it was a good refresher though.

The way I plan to schedule my studies is driven by the starting date of the next step in my training – the MEP (L) + ME/IR + CPL at Bartolini Air, Poland. I contacted them to ask for information and for their availability. They recommended me to book a place as soon as possible as currently there is a 12 months waiting list. I booked for a start in October 2018.

This means from now till the end of September 2018, I need to get 14 EASA ATPL theory subjects passed, a night rating, 100 hours as pilot in command (PIC) and LPR (Language Proficiency Requirements)


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